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Can you help them to be flushed with sucess !


Members outside the club pavilion

Following the recent closure of the Centurion Pub, members of the Gamesley Bowling Club have found themselves short of a much needed facility.

That facility being access to nearby toilets for teams and members playing at the club, and with the cost’s for developing a permanent facility on the site of the bowling green being very high, the club are on the look out for anyone that can help them with a temporary solution to the problem, to prevent the loss of teams currently playing on the green.

If you can help, please get in touch and we will pass you’re details on to the club.

Going on holiday? Don’t forget to pack your CO alarm

Co Awareness Poster

Co Awareness Poster

CO-Awareness a charity that works to raise awareness of the dangers of Carbon monoxide, are currently working in partnership with the North West Health Protection Agency on a new campaign to remind people of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and a simple step they can take to reduce that danger.

They are urging people to take with them on holiday with them an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm.

CO Awareness President Lynn Griffiths said: “There have been a number of tragedies and numerous near-misses in this country and abroad in recent years. No one should assume that their hotel room, holiday home, caravan or canal boat is safe.

“Audible CO alarms can be purchased comparatively cheaply from most hardware and electrical stores and from the larger supermarket chains. They are small and unobtrusive and will easily pack into a suitcase. It is a small investment to make but it could pay a rich dividend.”

Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide causes more than 50 accidental deaths every year in England and Wales and there have been some high profile tragedies overseas in recent years.

Professor Qutub Syed, Director, HPA North West, said: “In small spaces such as hotel rooms, caravans, boats and rented houses and cottages, levels of carbon monoxide produced by faulty, poorly maintained or poorly ventilated fossil fuel appliances can build up very quickly to levels that can kill.

“It happens all too regularly and our appeal to people planning their holidays is; don’t let it happen to you.

“Even at lower levels, carbon monoxide can make you ill. It produces symptoms similar to flu or food poisoning, including headaches, tiredness, difficulty in thinking clearly and feeling sick.

“Our advice to holiday-makers is that If you do not have an alarm, it is unlikely you will know that you are being poisoned by this lethal gas as carbon monoxide is colourless and has no taste or smell.”

If you can I urge you to take head of this advice and purchase an alarm if you can, they cost as little as £25, and details of your nearest supplier can be found by calling 0800 1694 457.

For further information on the campaign goto : and for further information on Carbon monoxide poisoning go to :